Teeth Whitening

What is Teeth Whitening?

Whitening is a wonderful way to fully remove years worth of staining and discoloration from your teeth. If you’ve been noticing that your teeth look a little dull and yellow, it might be time to consider professional whitening. Professional whitening is done in our office or as a take-home kit that you can do yourself. The results are quick, dramatic and lasting.

Why would Teeth Whitening be needed?

You might need or want whitening because you’re going to be attending a big party or event in the upcoming future. You might be looking for a way to improve your appearance and reverse the hands of time. Whether you’re a smoker, coffee drinker or are just getting older, your teeth could benefit from professional whitening. This type of procedure is easy and delivers drastic results that will last you for one or more years.

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What makes you a candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Professional whitening is best suited to healthy adult teeth. Even the very best whitening methods will have no impact on the way that your restorations look. These include crowns, bridges, veneers and fillings. Most people who want to have their teeth professionally whitened can have the treatment done.

What can be expected during professional Teeth Whitening?

For in-office whitening, we will apply a whitening gel to your teeth and place a light over your smile. This light helps to accelerate results and remove stains. Our take-home whitening kits involve taking impressions and making custom trays just for you. These trays can be used for years in conjunction with our patented whitening gel. We will provide you with instruction on how and when to wear these whitening trays at home. Whitening is done safely and easily either way, and we will help to eliminate and prevent issues with sensitivity that you may experience. Whitening is a great way to look younger and improve your overall confidence.

If you’d like to whiten your teeth professionally, call us today so that we can get you in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.